Airline companies Application

AIR France created a Big Data platform to centralize information and events about client’s experiences. For example possible interactions of a passenger with Air France via Twitter or Facebook in case of loss of luggages, missing correspondance, delayed planes… This platform will store all information concerning the client so that the service chain,  all the contacts that a passenger has with the company, could have real time update of information for each client.  This ambition concerns the 27 million customers registered in the Flying Blue program, but also passengers who are not part of the home loyalty program. Air France-KLM serves 90 million passengers,  Air France-KLM has 16 million fans on Facebook and 3 million Twitter followers.

BIG DATA TOOLS : Kafta (, MongoDB (NoSQL database), SPARK, HIVE, HBASE, Drools (For Complex Event Processing)

More information:

Kafka Tool is a GUI application for managing and using Apache Kafka clusters

MongoDB is a designed database for evolution, performance and high availability, moving from installation on simple servers to complex architectures deployed on multiple sites

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is useful for big data because it is intended to manage data in motion. Complex Event Processing is a technique for tracking, analyzing, and processing data as an event happens. This information is then processed and communicated based on business rules and processes.